David A. Lever
Director of the Paralegal Society of Ontario
Chairman of the Marketing Committee
Licensee of the Law Society of Upper Canada

I was initially attracted to uLawPractice by pricing that is simply better than competitive, and I received a product that was superior to anything that I had ever imagined or expected. In the past, I have had a more than my share of bad, expensive experiences with incompetent bookkeepers and accounting software.

uLawPractice is simple to learn and easy to understand. We take it with us everywhere we go. At the Court. In a Boardroom. Anywhere. Anytime. There is nothing more convenient for me, than to have secure access to all of my client files, anywhere, anytime. My staff, Jill and lauren, love it. uLawPractice does everything in my office, and does it well. My staff shares the same calendar. We have real-time docketing. We have real-time accounting, which means that you always know how much money a client has in Trust, at any given time, or in any given place.

uLawPractice also provides us with editable versions of all of the Ontario Small Claims Court forms, already pre-populated with all of the dates, court locations, file numbers, parties and representatives involved in any particular matter. You input your information once. That’s it; that’s all. It couldn’t be simpler. I’ve been using uLawPractice for a couple of months now and I have never had occasion to regret choosing uLawPractice to maintain and manage my legal workload. We’ve tried Simply Accounting, QuickBooks and uLawPractice is the way to go.

Check it out…you’ll be happy that you did,

Vasu Naik
Barrister & Solicitor,
Ottawa ON

‘The ability to docket time on the fly through mobile devices is a unique feature that is extremely useful. uLaw is certainly a good investment for a new lawyer as well as a timely change for a seasoned lawyer.’

Narainsamy Appasawmy,
Kumar Paralegal Service,

‘The uLaw software is easy to use and meets all the requirements in my job as a paralegal; I personally recommend anyone to use uLawPractice.’

Lori A. Boudreau,
Gemini Legal Services,
Simcoe County, Muskoka ON

‘I am a user of uLaw Practice and I love it! It is easy and saves time. I find it much more efficient than SAGE or QuickBooks and prefer it to PC Law. Whenever I have a question it is answered quickly and efficiently.’

Roderick D. Walker,
Trial Paralegal,
Simcoe, ON

‘uLaw has made me more efficient in my day to day activities for: invoices , client files and overall organizational skills.’

Roger Dinner, Get Legal Results,
Ottawa, ON

‘I have been using uLaw for about 8 months now, and my initial reasons to uptake this program was the ability to access my matter from any device, at anytime. I signed-up for a 30 day trial, and I was sold soon after I had a one-on-one on-boarding demo with their technical team.

During the initial days, I had a lot of questions and probably drove the tech support group crazy. But, they were always there to answer my questions and offer support including one on one training, using the web and also referring me to their how to videos. At no point did they get frustrated. Sometimes I would have to have one on one tutorials at night because of my schedule and they did so with no problems. Perhaps some of the bigger companies should take a lesson from them.

They also take the suggestions presented and try to work them into their program, which goes to show that the people at ULaw are forward thinking and open to suggestions. The low $29 / month price point is fantastic compared to some other programs I have tried, having to spend over a thousand dollars plus licencing fees. The invoiceing is great and forms generation for SCC and LTB are awesome.

The big plus is that they have a practice account that you can play around in and not have to worry about making mistakes even while you are using the main account. I would highly recommend uLaw to sole-practioners, it is a great alternative to the conventional options out there.’

Ian G. Wilkinson B.A., LL.B.
Litigation Paralegal
Serving Kitchener, Stratford, London & Woodstock, ON

‘I highly recommend uLaw as a cost-effective practice management tool. It offers a comprehensive solution for administering your legal files and keeping track of your billings. ULaw incorporates trust accounting and conflict checking and more to make compliance with all the LSUC practice management requirements significantly easier. The document generation built into uLaw is a huge time saver for me. The uLaw team tries hard to improve their product by incorporating feedback from their clients and adding new features the software develops. I make very few product endorsments but this product is inexpensive and provides great value. I highly recommend it for any legal practitioner especially for recent graduates contemplating business start-ups.’

Cheryl Sheffer,
Licensed Paralegal,
Sheffer Paralegal Services, Oxford, ON

‘uLawPractice has everything you need to run your practice in an efficient manner. It handles both the LSUC requirements and all of your general accounting needs. They are also very open to suggestions from their clients for improvements or “tweeks” that could benefit all clients. They offer amazing customer support through webinars and via on-line video instructions…..but if you need help right away, just email them and they are very quick to respond with your answer via email or via a phone call. Big thanks the support team at uLawPractice Support for helping my business and for always being so professional and pleasant while doing so!’

Ian M Shemesh,
Licensed Paralegal,
Shemesh Paralegal Services, Toronto, ON

‘I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have decided to take advantage of your incredible software. I have grown my practice and the ability to add items on the “fly”, when you are in court is priceless. This has provided me the opportunity to maximize profits by ensuring that all my legal services are being captured for reconciliation. The forms are a time saver such as your SCC Forms and LTB Forms. I have saved so much time and the user friendly approach is next to none.
A special note to uLaw Support Team, you are committed to customer excellence one that others need to be admired, you are a great help and I am looking forward to building a long relationship with uLaw.’