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Read what a few of the paralegal professionals in Ontario had to say about the uLaw solution. Thanks David and Lori.

“I was initially attracted to uLawPractice by pricing that is simply better than competitive, and I received a product that was superior to anything that I had ever imagined or expected. In the past, I have had a more than my share of bad, expensive experiences with incompetent bookkeepers and accounting software.

uLawPractice is simple to learn and easy to understand. We take it with us everywhere we go. At the Court. In a Boardroom. Anywhere. Anytime. There is nothing more convenient for me, than to have secure access to all of my client files, anywhere, anytime.

uLawPractice was designed by Paralegals for Paralegals. It is very efficient”
David A Lever, Legal & Litigation Counsel

“I have been using uLawPractice and I love it!! It is easy to use and saves me time. I find it much more efficient than SAGE or Quickbooks and prefer it to PC Law. The program itself is very well suited to Paralegals. It is easy and quick and can also be used on the road. Beyond the basic program, what I really like about it, is the back support. If I need something added or have a suggestion it is updated very quickly”
Lori A Boudreau, Licensed Paralegal; Ontario

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