For your law practice you spend a lot of time filling court document, uLawPractice now offers Ontario SCC (Small Claims Court) Form auto filling process, we are proud to release our Beta version of this feature in our software. To arrange a demo and see what we can do for you please send us an email at or just register for a free 30day trial

uLawPractice features in this demo its latest SCC Forms filling feature, it is a comparison of filling out an SCC form the uLawPracticeWay and the manual way:

  • Watch uLawPractice complete atleast 10 forms in 2.5 minutes before the manual way is half way into completing one
  • uLaw offer completion of all 43 Ontario SCC forms
  • All documents are produced in Microsoft Word format for you to edit easily
  • The feature will be fully available in our August 2013 release
  • Coming soon Ontario Civil and Family Court forms
  • We are a Secure Canadian Hosted Solution

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