Heartbleed threat

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Dear valued uLaw customer,

No doubt you have been hearing about the Heartbleed security threat that has been going around the Internet. This is a flaw in one of the webs most prevalent security protocols, Open SSL. This bug, a previously undetected coding error, has the potential to leak confidential data such as, Transport Layer Security session keys and long term server private keys.

That said we would like to assure you that our architecture is such that uLaw data is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed threat. We are not running any version of OpenSSL that is affected by the defect.

So, as a uLaw customer you do not have to do anything. As the security and safety of your data is our top priority, we advise you to change your password. It is not essential to do this right away, but it is good practice to change all your important passwords every six months or so. Also, you should not be using the same password across all your important applications such as email, banking, etc.

We would like to thank you for choosing uLaw as your trusted practice management solution.

Thank you,
uLawPractice Management Team

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