Ontario Family Law Rules Forms auto filling – Free 90-day trial.

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With the success of SCC auto filling forms, uLaw is planning to introduce Ontario Family law rules form auto filling features in end of October release, we are looking for Family lawyers who would like to trial the software. We would like to offer a 90-day free trial to these power users of uLaw.

Please contact uLawPractice.com at info@uLawpractice.com if you are interested.


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Ontario Small Claims Court forms auto filling goes Live

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On August 15th uLAw opened the Ontario Small Claims Court forms auto-filling feature to all its user base.

The feature received excellent reviews and comments on how we are transforming Practitioners using SCC Forms. uLaw can now generate all the 47 forms for SCC.

We would like to thank all the leading Lawyers and paralegals who worked closely with us in our initial trial to bring this feature to life.

Click Here to see the feature in action ...

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uLawPractice.com Presentation

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uLawPractice presents 1hr seminar software to upcoming paralegals at Everest College Ottawa West End Campus on May 2nd 2013, please contact info@uLawPractice.com if you would like us to present a similar webminar or seminar at your college for budding paralegals.


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uLawPractice.com – Paralegal Practice Management CPD

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uLawPractice.com is a proud platinum sponsor of

Ottawa and Area CPD

New Networking Event – April 19, 2013

Networking Hosted by:
Unit 100, Rideau Centre
50 Rideau Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 9J1
Phone: 613-234-5544
Email: info@TheExchangePub.com
RSVP David Lever at: d.lever@ottawaparalegals.com
This event will be hosted April 19th from: 1:30 pm – 3:00pm

Dinner Hosted by:
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