Heartbleed threat

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Dear valued uLaw customer,

No doubt you have been hearing about the Heartbleed security threat that has been going around the Internet. This is a flaw in one of the webs most prevalent security protocols, Open SSL. This bug, a previously undetected coding error, has the potential to leak confidential data such as, Transport Layer Security session keys and long term server private keys.

That said we would like to assure you that our architecture is such that uLaw data is ...

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Paralegal Webminar

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Further to an overwhelming response from our linkedin and twitter contacts, uLawpractice is all set to deliver its Fall Webinar demonstrating our uLawPractice solution in November during the following dates and times:

Nov 11th ( Monday ) : 11 AM – 12 PM EST
Nov 11th ( Monday) : 4 PM – 5 PM EST
Nov 15th ( Friday) : 4 PM – 5 PM EST

The Webinar would cover features and functionalities that are well suited to meet the day to ...

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Welcome to uLaw!

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Greetings first time visitors. Here are some top questions and answers about uLawPractice.com.

Who is uLawPractice, and why the focus on sole practitioners and small firms?

  • We are a committed set of engineers and business professionals that wanted to bring mobility and application ubiquity to market
  • Our team has well over 125 years of experience building and managing cloud based software services to large and small businesses. We understand the inherent value of accessing key applications, ...
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