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Practice made Perfect

uLaw brings efficiency and effectiveness to your practice at a low cost of $29/month

Practice ANYWhere

uLaw frees you to take your practice out of your office boundary, ANYWhere

Practice ANYTime

uLaw gives you secure access to your practice 24×7, 365 days

SMART Billing

uLaw takes care of invoices and accounting, while you focus on your practice

Trust Accounting

uLaw removes the complexity of trust accounting with a simplified user experience

1-Click Solution

uLaw enables you to generate Legal Documents, timesheets and Invoices for you in 1-Click

Save Time

uLaw enables your firm to save the time that you can put towards your family

Hassle Free IT

uLaw securely manages your IT and backend office while you care for what matters, uLaw is hosted in Canadian jurisdiction